2014.07.08 Products /[ New Products ] Common Mode Choke for Automotive Power Line "UCMH0907" is released.
2014.05.15 Environment / Environment And Social Report 2014 Released.
2014.05.09 Investors / Supplementary Data for 1Q of FY 2014 Released.
2014.05.02 Investors / Annual Report of FY 2013 Released.
2014.03.19 【press release】The result of the Tender Offer to our stock certificate by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and announcement for the change of the largest stockholder who are a parent company and a main stockholder.
2014.02.13 【press release】Announcement of the Execution of Amendment Agreement regarding the Enhancement of Capital and Business Alliance(Announcement of the Partial Amendment of Announcement of the Execution of Agreement for Enhancement of Capital and Business Alliance dated February 13, 2013)
2014.02.13 Investors / Supplementary Data for 4Q of FY 2013 Released.